Our Company Profile

We are always try to provide something better products, pumps, motors and services than the other manufacturer what they are providing in the market.

Therefore we decided to manufacturing of submersible pump set because we had the experience of submersible pump set. At the same time we have started a firm by the name of Karunya pumps in the year 2000 and start manufacturing of submersible pump set by the name KSP GROUPS,KARUNYA Brand and continue the manufacturing with commitment to make a good quality and better performance for our end user who paying his trust and worth on our product.

Our company certified with ISO 9001-2008 and being a quality driven manufacturer we are approved in BIS for ISI marking and star marking through BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency ) in most of our running models. Now we are committed with our Nation, Customers and End users to provide better product and performance in competitive price value in the competitive market.


  • Domestic water Supply
  • Irrigation
  • Gardening
  • Industrial Use
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel
  • Nurseries
  • Multystory Buildings
  • Water Circulation System

Product Features

  • Dynamically Balance Rotor
  • Easy Assembilling and Dismantiline
  • Superior Material of Construction
  • Noiseless and Vibration free Working
  • Both Pump and motor are Fully serviceable
  • Rigid cast iron valve casting and inlet bracket
  • High Overall efficiency, reduced running costs
  • Rubber & Bronze Bearing Provide low friction and high Wear Resistance
  • Wear Resistance high strength engineering polymer. Impellers and diffusers with stainless steel inserts

Production Process

At KARUNYA Pumps, manufacturing of QUALITY PUMPS in based on teamwork philosophy that characterizes pump design & engineering .Material resources planning translate the management goals & priorities into 4Ms (man ,machine ,material & method) \requirements. This helps in shorter lead times and on-time delivery. Different steps of the manufacturing process take\place I a single production unit & this helps in co-ordination of various activities ,namely marketing to engineering & manufacturing to final testing. Easy & fast assembly of components assures prompt delivery of the pumps. In addition, availability of large stock of components at any time guarantees timely supply of spares parts. Our packing system is made very carefully so as to protect the product and guarantee its perfect condition at delivery.

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